People who passed by

Love life has been part of every individual’s life. It is very impossible that you will pass away without experiencing the ecstasy of true love. Me, myself also experience more than that.
I've been engaged with different types of people. To name them, here they are in their glamour look,:

Walay hinawayah ha?

His name is Raymond Gregory Barrocca. We are classmates from grade 1 to grade for. We are always teased by our classmates during our classes. I am his paper provider because we are seatmates. I am also his answer provider during Sibika at Kultura time. Our story ended up when he transferred at Don Bosco here in Dumaguete..As of now, were not that close. She has many girls right now,,peru isa lang ang sasabihin ko, NAUNA AKO nOh!!!!!!

From boy, girl is the next in line. She is Ara C. Aban, my first year high school classmate. When I am still first year high school, I am not so gay. I am very silent but I speak during classes. I will not mingle with my classmates because I am afraid if they will know the real me because maybe they will tell my papa and my father will scold me. This girl is very silent, demure, and very sweet. Yes, I courted her and we became lovers. But our relationship did not last long because she went to Sweden for education. Iyaha kong gibiya_an..huhuhuhuhu. We meet again this year, pero sorry, hindi na kita BET..harhar

Let’s be serious this time. A boy that last long. A boy who will take the risk makasama lang ako. I love this guy so much. He really made efforts para magkakita rami ug mag-work ang so-called same sex relationship. We have been into a very deep relationship. We even did the most sacred things. But the foundation of it was just eventually gone due to unexpected things. But, thank you Ryan, you’ve made my life complete……Godbless to your life!...

Acceptance of who you really are is really hard to acquire. But thank you to this girl. She accept me if who I am, what I make, and what my pasts are. We are very open with each other. We are enemies at first, but we became friends, good friends, and even more than friends. But we decided to walk with different ways. We realized that we are not really meant for each other. Daghan kayo kog sala aning bayhana, sige rkog biga-biga sa uban. Abi nkog dili masakpan,,masakpan man diay,,towew anyways, thank very much dear,,,,,,hindi ko makaklimutan ang sandaling nagging tayo..

The guy the gay that is very hard to forget. His name is Linwell A. Bungcasan. Yes, we have the same family name. I don’t care. I love him regardless of everything. His hip sways better than me. But theres one thing I can say “I love you more than you would ever know, but sorry, you lost your chance to be loved more than you would feel in the rest of your life,,,!!!!..

We have to live life to the fullest. We have to treasure the persons who love and care for us, because they will only come once. We should not be afraid to be hurt. Because it is a protocol that if you love, you will also cry. God really design our life in a very nice way. He let us cry in order for us to realize that we really need to be strong. He also let us laughs for us to remember that we are wonderful the way we are. Do not be shy. Only God has a right to judge us. Don’t mind what people say. Be happy! You deserve it:)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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  1. ohlalala :D jeffy, grabeh ka..but i appreciate your guts...good!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.
  3. ..woW ur lovelife is quit inspirirng, heheh...TUNGOD ANENG IMU GI'pOST, I DISCOVERED A LOT FROM YA!!! hehehehe..... curious lang koh if nauyab ba pud japun nimo nang si Reymond?????????? uiee!!!!...

  4. who's reymond? may gas...hahaha

  5. hahahahhaha//he's my classmate before......secret..hmmmmm

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