Lucky yet Unhappy

Lucky yet Unhappy

I have to admit that I am very lucky of what I have now. I am so fortunate that my parents raised me well; send me to school with enough support both morally and financially, and of course the love and the care they give me. I am also so privilege that I have a lot of friends who are there when I need them, shares laughter and tears together with me, accompany me in all the things I did. And most especially I have God, who is there to raise me up so I can stand when I have problems, carry me during stormy weathers, and lead me to the right path of life.
I am so thankful for all the blessings I have. For the talent He endowed into me that makes me productive, for the wisdom and intelligence that makes me smart and leads me to a brighter future, for the wealth that made me sustain in this world, and for a nice physical that made me presentable. With all of these, I can consider myself very lucky.
But at the end of the day, I am still not happy. I still long for a successful mutual relationship towards another person, yet for me, it’s hard to have. I am very curious of what is in me that makes people hard for me to love? For the one I am attracted, they stay away from me and will not try to learn loving me. And for the one who tried to love me, they will not stay long. What is in me? I am nice and sweet the way I know.
Well, we have a lot of things to consider and we cannot please everybody. Somehow, I feel like I am the most unlucky person in this field. Maybe God has a perfect time for me. I know He loves me so much. And aside from that, everything He did as a purpose. Maybe, it’s not yet now. I must be patient.
I am so lucky. YET, I am still unhappy

Sunday, August 21, 2011

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  1. yeah might not find it now...but as the cliche goes "true love waits" :)

  2. thanks rolyn:) i miss you..

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