For the first time!

Beep once. “Gosh! I have a text message..
“Hi pink lips”. I received a number of twenty messages with the same content. I don’t know what to feel, to be proud because I had the courage to write about myself or to be shy because of that damn university diary I wrote. It was my first time to write that article for the weekly publication. I was encouraged by my editors to write for my ewee love story when we had our snack at the canteen before having the weekly meeting.
As I was writing, I was able to recall those pitiable memories that I had and the stupidity I posses. I cannot blame myself to feel that way since I believe that in order for you to feel the ecstasy of true love; you have to cry and to sacrifice. And at that time, I thought I am doing the right thing, but sad to say, I was not.But thank to the Lord for giving me the light that made me moved on. Thanks also God for the sufficient wisdom He bestowed into me and I was able to write that thing. And thank also to Rolyn for the editing she had that make my article more emphasizing and for her suggestion of my pen name. And thanks to TN for publishing it.
After reading my published news articles and the university diary, it made me realize how powerful and in demand The Norsunian our paper is. Because at that very short time after our circulation manager put the paper in front of the gate, plenty are texting me about my U.D. And it made me wonder why they are doing that way. Or this is just my first time to experienced this things because this is my first time to write for the u.d.

Anyways, what I did is just doing what is written at the bottom part of the features’ page, “Unleash your momentous experiences in life as student and share with us!” Doing such thing, I find writing interesting. Some said it’s hard to write but for me, writing is just an expression of your feelings. But it’s much better if you write that you know that there is an editor whom will enhance your piece and corrects your grammar…..right? :-)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

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  1. Noblesse Key says:

    sikat na lagi ka...jung artiha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. haha...thank you so much for mentioning my name :)) hahah ♥ sa uulitin jeffy ;)

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  4. keneth:wala ra
    rolyn: welcome rolzkie, thank you pud..u deserve to be recognized..heheheheh:)

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