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Internship is very essential to students since it will be the time that they will be using what they have learned in school. It was summer of 2012 when I had mine. The following were the answers of the questions asked by one of the Copy Editors Sir Joeberth Ocao through an evaluation sheet.

1. Why did you choose The Freeman?
       When we were asked by our teacher on where we will have our internship, majority of us choose The Freeman because of the good feedback it has from our seniors who had their internship here. However, because there were still UP interns when the time we were about to start, we were advised to go in Banat. I immediately asked Miss Emme if when they will accept interns for Freeman. She said that maybe end of April. I was so happy that time because it was really my plan to start my internship at that date since I have a pageant to be handled middle of April. It was really a perfect timing and. Generally, being the oldest newspaper that lasts until now, I believe that The Freeman is the best training ground for aspiring writers like me.
       2. How was your stay in The Freeman?
  My stay in The Freeman is extremely memorable and very meaningful. Memorable in the sense that all the experiences I had are worth to be treasured. I will never forget the time that I went to a beat without knowing its exact address, attending press conferences with free food and freebies, and having a chance to meet and talk with different personalities that only few are given such opportunity. It is very meaningful because of the learning I got. I was able to experience the things I never had in school. I developed my writing and interviewing skills. This is because aside from letting us be independent in getting news, the competent editors and reporters of the paper also shared their experiences with us and very kind when we asked questions to them, Moreover, in order for them to test our capabilities, they also assessed our works and invite fellow editors to be a resource speaker tackling different topics in which I got a lot of lessons that I think are useful in the future.
3. What were your expectations and did you meet those expectations?       
My expectation is very simple which is to hone my journalistic skills but I have more than what I expected. They did not treat as an intern but as a reporter, they let us learn more by allowing us to go to different beats and gathered some news without companionship from our senior reporters which I think is very effective. It boosts our self-confidence especially in conversing with sources. I could say that I am very lucky since I was able to experience writing in different sections which allows me to know the different styles of writing. Aside from that, I was able to attend press conferences together with the established and well-known writers and broadcasters in Cebu. Moreover, The Freeman bridges me to go to different places which I never gone before such as the Plantation Bay during the X-Factor Press Conference, Crown Regency, and other hotels and function halls. I would take this opportunity to thank The Freeman people for allowing me to experience what it is to be in the real world.
 4. What were the unforgettable moments you had in the paper?   
  I am the type of person who is very adventurous but easily get bored. I could say that I cherished all the moments in the duration of my internship such as attending press conferences with free snacks and freebies, encoding news while face booking, talking with senior reporters in the sofa, and dining out together with some reporters and fellow interns, riding on a jeepney while memorizing its route, joking with the guards, and talking through phone with the sources when I have clarifications .But one thing I did not like is when we were not allowed to enter some private schools during our interviews regarding on our special report. I know that it was just normal but I was really pissed off since we walked for almost 30 minutes just to be there but we were not allowed to enter.
  5. What are the things you want to sustain and you can advise in the internship program of the paper?      
 The things I want to sustain in the internship program  is allowing interns to go to beats without companions because I believed this will make them independent and at the same time develops their self-confidence in dealing with sources. The area I think need improvements is the computers inside the office. I suggest that the next time I will go here, The Freeman already have flat screen computers with built-in cameras so that we could talk to our sources via Skype if in case. I do not have any recommendations since my stay was awesome and I really enjoyed so much. Thank you so much for being part of my education and of my life. I will never forget all the things I learned especially the friendship that develops between interns and reporters. 

" That would be all and thank you so much".

The Freeman tarp at my back

                                                  Me, Kathee and Camille inside the newsroom

This was during a coverage at Crown Regency Hotel

Deanna and me

with Gretchen Fulido ( Star Patroller) in the X-Factor Presscon at Plantation Bay Resort, Mactan

With KC Concepcion during the X-Factor Presscon

                                        with my co-interns from CNU, Silliman, Bicol and NORSU

                                                 During our free time at Ayala Mall, Cebu

Monday, June 25, 2012

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  1. Noblesse Key says:

    IKAW NA!!! naks naman! congratulations for a job well done Jef. I hope you get Magna cum laude!!!

  2. hehehhe..thanks ken..puhon..ok rjud q basta mka-graduate,,peru mas chada pud ug matuman ang imu gina-hope..hehehe:)

  3. Virkky Mums says:

    you must be really proud. :) nice work. good luck sa mga future endeavors! :) --bumibistia

  4. Joel says:

    Hi, Nice post I enjoyed reading it. Can I contact you through your email? Please email me back. Thanks!



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