Antulang with Love

Nestled 40 kilometers south of Dumaguete City, Philippines, and situated at the rising municipality of Siaton- Antulang Beach Resort is proud to be the only resort in Negros Island with private pool villas as well as suites and cottages equipped with heated outdoor jacuzzi, satellite TV, DVD/audio players and mini-bars.

Suspended on seven sprawling hectares of sheer cliffs peppered with bright-colored bougainvilleas, swimming pools and premium rooms positioned right at the cliffs’ edge, and winding staircases leading directly to a stretch of isolated white sand beach will perfectly amazed your vision.

Activities such as diving, kayaking, horseback riding and rappelling are offered along with scheduled cruises to famed Apo Island and nearby Tambobo Bay. An added highlight for guests: Although sunrise and sunset are both visible from the resort, at certain times of the year one can marvel at Antulang’s sunset and the simultaneous rising of a full moon.
I was very fortunate to go there without any centavo from my pocket for the fact that the resort is quite expensive. I couldn’t believe that in the quite place of the municipality, there is this majestic paradise perfectly crafted by nature and wonderfully enhanced by the hands of the Siatanons.

Many foreigners and local visitors are visiting the resort because of its unique ambiance where you can really fell the touch of nature in its very magnificent mode. Its quietness will really give you a peace of mind and escape from the urbanized cities and places and its natural panoramic views that will make you appreciate the grandiose creation of God. There are still more to that. The cascading water of their pools and falls facing the horizon and overlooking at the white sand beach accentuated with colourful flowers and marine attractions will indeed amazed your eyes and make you stay at the water all day long.

Furthermore, the place is very best for vacations and outings because well- furnished rooms and cottages are available to everyone. There are also rooms with balconies that are found on the top of the huge corals surrounded by water that is connected from the land only with a stone bridge in which you can see the golden sunset and experience waking up with beautiful sunrise.

Vina Morales was able to have a heaven experienced at the room during her vacation at Antulang. The couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo also appreciated the place during their engagement and wedding proposal at Antulang.

If you wish to celebrate special occasions in your life, Antulang is the best venue for that. Its Mediterranean- inspired lobby and function halls will accommodate your guest. They have also housed chefs and cooks that will take charge with the food and the set-ups. Moreover, you can also used the place near the pools if you wish to have your meal under the shades of the tree while the cool winds makes you feel more the essence of the affair.

During night time, Antulang is very ideal for sight- seeing, dating, and swimming. You can walk barefoot at the seashore located at the down part of the resort watching and hearing the waves of the sea, you can also take an overlook at the sea while having a night- swimming at the pool and you can as well have a cocktail drinks at the cottages while looking at the horizon or the stars in the sky.

Furthermore, when you are very adventurous, you can have a hike at the place in where you can see the wild and huge trees and hear the chirping of the wild and endangered birds as the fact that the place is named as a mountain that kissed the sea.

Moreover, if you wish to have a sea adventure, yacht and other boats are available for escapades at the Tambobo Bay that faced the resort and covers it during big waves that make the resort ideal and safe even with typhoons.

When you’re after a special holiday experience, you need a destination that’s every bit as extraordinary. Antulang Beach Resort is the only place truly worth the trip. An exclusive beachfront resort indulges you with its tantalizing setting of golden sunsets and fresh sea air. Here, you can find superb accommodations ranging from lavish suites to cozy cabanas. You also get enjoy new adventures daily with activities such as snorkeling, diving, and rappelling. At Antulang Beach Resort, you’ll rediscover what unforgettable vacations are really like.

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